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Catapult Movement offers acrobatics and aerial classes for all ages- toddler to adult!

Class Descriptions

Acro (short for Acrobatic Dance) is a dance style that fusions gymnastics tumbling, partnering, circus tricks, and classical dance.

Tumbling teach skills like cartwheels, handstands, rolls, and kickovers. Advanced skills would include back handsprings and aerials. Tumbling classes are for learning skills only and do not have a performance at the end of the term.

Partnering is a discipline used within Acro where groups of two or more acrobats perform stunts together.

Aerial Hammock (also know as Aerial Sling) is an apparatus that allows the acrobat to sit in a fabric sling. It is known to be a great introductory apparatus for silks and hoop.

Aerial Hoop (also known as Aerial Lyra) is a circus apparatus where acrobats perform aerial acrobatics from a suspended metal ring.

Aerial Silks is a circus apparatus where acrobatics perform aerial acrobatics from two strands of hanging fabric.

Acro/Aerial classes include acrobatic dance/tumbling, lyra, hammock, and silks.

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