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What is Catapult Movement?

In 2019, Catapult Movement began as a mobile acrobatics studio for local residences and businesses in the Middle Georgia area. Since our inception, we have expanded, adding aerial arts and parkour to our offered services. In January 2024, Catapult Movement moved into their new permanent studio.

What is Acro?
What is AERIAL?

Acrobatic Dance (also known as "AcroDance" or "acro") is a genre of dance that has grown in popularity since the rise of shows like “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dance Moms”, "America's Best Dance Crew", and “World of Dance”. Acro embodies the tricks, flips, and feats of strength that you see on the dance floor: aerial cartwheels, handstands, standing needle splits, back handsprings, and everything in between! The extreme flexibility, tumbling, and strength skills are all aspects of AcroDance.

Aerial Arts is a broad term for a style of modern dance that incorporates the use of hanging equipment, also called aerial apparatuses. 

For a full description of all of our weekly classes, including the differences in each aerial apparatus, go to our Weekly Classes. 


What is the difference between acrobatic dance and gymnastics?

While gymnastics and acrobatic dance both consist of tumbling and require a great amount of strength and flexibility, the two are not identical. Gymnastics is a competitive sport performed on multiple apparatus. Acro is a style of dance.  In competitions, gymnasts are strictly judged on technique. In acrobatic dance, artistry and fluidity from skill to skill are equally as important as the execution of the skill. Gymnasts are meant to be powerful in their approaches, while acrobatic dancers use softer, more artistic lines in their tumbling.  The intent of the two disciplines are different, even though they share many of the same acrobatic skills.



Services are available for all ages! As soon as your child is crawling and pulling up, they're ready for our toddler classes. For adult students, please make your instructor aware of any physical limitations or injuries that you may have, so they can give you an appropriate modification.


Catapult Movement has weekly classes for all ages. We also host parties at our facility on Sundays. Starting January 2024, we no longer in-home services. 

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