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Starting September 2022, Catapult Movement will be offering Acrobat Classes for child-care centers!

Center Requirements:

  • Large open space (classroom, lunch area, etc) that can be used for the acrobatic learning area

  • Minimum of sixteen students in all registered classes (totaling 45-minutes at minimum) 

Acrobat Class Time Slots (4-Week Rate):

20-Minute Sessions* (ages 0 - 5): $30 

45-Minute Sessions* (ages 6 - 17): $50

*Students will participate with children in their age group.


One-Day Event Rates:

30-Minute Session: $10 per student

1-Hour Session: $15 per student

2-Hour Session: $25 per student


If you would like your entire center to participate, we also offer hourly rates. Please contact for a quote.


Max Students Per Session:

Crawlers and Walkers (ages 0 -2): 8

Preschool Age (ages 3 - 5): 12

School Age (ages 6+): 16 


Payment for Use of Space:

*Childcare centers requiring a percentage of Catapult Movement's service profits for the use of space must have a minimum of twenty students enrolled. 



Parents pay Catapult Movement directly. Payments can be collected at the center (cash or check) or through our online payment portal. (As stated above, we also offer hourly rates for centers wanting all of their students to participate. Please contact for a quote. )


COVID-19 Safety:
Tumbling mats and materials are disinfected with an EPA-registered disinfectant in between each center.

The official schedule is set on a first-come-first-serve basis. Applications alone do not ensure that services will begin on the set day/time requested. 


Summer Enrollment Application:

If your facility is ready to launch, please follow this link to the Acrobat Class Center Application! Centers may apply throughout the year. Payments will be collected from families once the center has reached the required minimum number of students.

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